Where to do Via Ferrata between Grenoble and Chambery ?

Where to do Via Ferrata between Grenoble and Chambery ?

The 01.02.2020

Where to do Via Ferrata between Grenoble and Chambery ?

Between Grenoble and Chambery, the Chartreuse, Belledonne and Bauges mountains offer a large number of Via Ferrata routes. From the initiation course to the sporty Via Ferrata, there is something for all levels and for all tastes!

GECCO Aventure is responsible for listing for you the most interesting Via Ferrata routes in the Grenoble region, Chambéry and the surrounding area.

What Via Ferrata is ?

At the border between climbing and hiking, these vertigo courses will allow as many people as possible to taste the pleasures of verticality without any previous experience in climbing techniques. A Via Ferrata is a route built along a rock wall, where you will meet ladders, monkey bridges, walkways or even zip lines during your ascent.


Located at the foot of the Fort de la Bastille, in the very center of Grenoble, the Via Ferrata des “Prises de la Bastille” is an atypical urban route. Composed of two parts, this route offers a wide variety of workshops during its ascent.

The first part is the easiest and most varied. After climbing a rocky pillar of about thirty meters, you will move along the cliff using walkways, beams or ladders.

The second part, less frequented, offers several routes of different difficulties depending on your desire or your form of the day. At the top, you will contemplate the city under your feet and the surrounding mountains, from the very heart of Fort Bastille.


This Via Ferrata, open to all, is ideal for a gentle discovery of the activity. Offering a breathtaking view of the Bourget lake, Aix les Bains as well as the Bauges, Belledonne and Mont Blanc, presenting no physical difficulties and presenting different apparatus (monkey bridges, ladders, beams, …), this course with an aerial atmosphere, you will discover Chambery and its surroundings with an unusual look.


The Via Ferrata de l’Alloix (also called “Via Ferrata de St Vincent de Mercuze or” Rocher de l´Envers “) is located halfway between Grenoble and Chambéry, in the Massif de la Charteuse. After a 25-minute walk in the forest, you will go up, thanks to this recent Via Ferrata, the waterfalls of the Alloix canyon.

This route is particularly conducive to the discovery of half-day activity (about 3 hours), in an aerial setting, with a breathtaking view of the canyoners descending the Alloix canyon. You will come across beams, suspended walkways, ladders, etc. The little extra? Thanks to the proximity of the waterfalls, this course is very cool in summer!


The Via Ferrata of “la Cascade de l’Oule” is located in Chartreuse, between Crolles and St Hilaire du Touvet in Isère.

This Via Ferrata, presenting 2 possibilities:

La Vire des Lavandières: This first route, the simplest, goes closest to the Oule waterfall. After a first part of vertical ascent, you will reach the vire of Lavandières, which offers a magnificent view of the Grésivaudan valley, between Grenoble and Chambéry, as well as on the Belledonne massif, located just opposite.

The Grand Dièdre: This second course, more athletic and more aerial than the whorls of Lavandières, imprints the famous grand dihedral, very aerial passage which will lead you to the ladder of hell! A guaranteed vertical atmosphere, with the paragliders taking off from St Hilaire du Touvet above you!


Located in the heart of the Chartreuse mountains, in Savoie, the Via Ferrata of “Roche Veyrand” is one of the most sporty Via Ferrata routes in the Grenoble and Chambery region. It consists of 2 parts, very aerial and very aesthetic, offers a breathtaking view of the peaks of the Chartreuse (Dent de Crolles, Chamechaude,…).

The first part is the least steep, has ladders and a walkway. You will evolve along the rock wall by crossing vertical slabs, with a magnificent view.
The second part (only accessible after the 1st part), is practiced on a big 1/2-day or on a short day! With a very vertical profile, it offers a big atmosphere, always with a breathtaking view. On the program: vertical walls, walkway, ladders,… height and physique. To consume without moderation !


Located in St Christophe en Oisans, in the heart of the Oisans mountains, above the Veneon river, this Via Ferrata is the most alpine we can offer.

Ladders and walkways await you along this major route along the cliffs of the Veneon valley. A good plan to cool off in summer, which will allow you to discover a magical landscape.