Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find here all the answers to your questions about outdoor activities offered by GECCO Aventure

GENERAL : Which questions should I ask myself before an outdoor activity ?

  • Am I sportive enough ?
  • Do I practice sport regurarly ?
  • Am I able to walk more than one hour ?
  • Do I know how to swim ?
  • Am I scared by immersion or confinement ?
  • Am I physicaly in good shape (overweight, cardiac desease, asthma …)?
  • What is my medical or trauma past ?

Must I book ?

Yes, because our activities require specific equipment that we must adapt to your needs. Moreover, when booking we give you the instructions to join your instructor or guide on the place of the activity, as well as the list of things to bring.

In order to have a main choice of availabilities, we advise you to book as early as possible, in high season (July & August) we advise you to reserve 2 to 3 days in advance.

Do I have to pay a deposit ?

Yes, in order to validate your booking, we ask for a deposit or the total payment of the benefit.
If you are unable to come, even at the last minute, please let us know so that we free the monitor reserved for you.

How do I get ready ?

Always bring a bottle of water, wear suitable clothing (closed shoes, adapted clothes, long hair attached …), inquire when booking or with the instructor on what I have to bring and about the particular characteristics of my activity. Do not overestimate yourself.
These tips are there for a beautiful day to not turn into a trial because of an unadapted level !

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information, we will be happy to evaluate with you the activities or the courses that best suit you.

Do I have to go to an office before going to the meeting point ?

  • In Isère, no, the meeting with the monitor is where the activity takes place.
  • In Ardèche, we will ask you to come by in one of our offices in Joyeuse or Les Vans in order to pay for the activity and to receive your reservation slip with all the necessary informations.

How can I pay ?

On the activity place :Checks and Cash. (You must pay a deposit before the exit).
In our offices of Joyeuse and Les Vans: Checks and Cash.
We also accept Wonderbox coupons.

What is Canyoning ?

Canyoning or canyon is an outdoor activity that consists on walking down the bed of a river or a torrent using the natural obstacles present on the course.

  • Must I be a good swimmer to consider this activity ?
    Canyoning does not require long sections of stroke, and the neoprene combinations provided float. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to swim and not to be afraid of water.


  • From what age can the activity be practiced ?
    The water trek or family canyoning is practiced from 6 years old. For canyoning, we accept children from 8 years.
    Which obstacles will we face?
    Jumps, slides, uspsailings, passages under blocks, oppositions … and sometimes Tyrolean.


  • What is the height of the jumps and are they mandatory ?
    The jumps range from 1 to 10 meters. It is never mandatory to jump. We can either bypass, abseil, or pass the obstacle sliding.
    Beyond 8m, the jumps present physical risks during the impact on the water.
    Some canyons contain higher jumps, but it is difficult for the monitor to propose them because his responsibility can be engaged in case of problem. After assessing the participants level, the instructor will propose or discourage certain jumps.


  • What equipment is provided ?
    2 pieces of 5 mm thick neoprene wetsuits
    3mm neoprene socks (only for the full-day canyoning)
    Canyoning harness with double lanyards
    Waterproof cans and bag for snacks (only for the full-day canyoning)


  • What should I bring ?
    A swimsuit
    Closed shoes (sneackers or hiking shoes)
    Water (1 bottle of 1.5L for 2 people) and cereal bars
    A cord if you wear glasses
    A picnic, avoiding fragile things like tomatoes or peaches (only for the full-day canyoning).

What are the via-ferrata, the via-corda, the via-cordata ?

What are the via-ferrata, the via-corda, the via-cordata ?
Via-Ferrata and Via-Corda / Via-Cordata are two different activities.
The Via-Ferrata is a cabled trail on a cliff with various obstacles such as ladders, footbridges, monkey bridges, Nepalese bridges, zip lines … The evolution on the course is vertical.
The Via-Corda or Via-Cordata are trails on a rope, usually horizontal, but at a certain height, with a few climbing passages (mostly easy). This activity is halfway between climbing and hiking.
Are there any prerequisites for practicing these activities?
No prerequisites are necessary, these are ideal activities for a first approach to verticality.

  • From what age ?
    We offer courses from 8 years. The most limiting factor is not the age, but the size of the children. It is recommended to measure at least 1m30 to reach the cables or bars of the different courses.


  • Why do I have to take a monitor ?
    The monitor or guide is a guarantee of safety. In case of difficulties, you will be able to make an escape, the guide knows the course like the back of his hand, and will make you cross the difficulties in a pedagogic way, so that you will keep on enjoying the activity.


  • What equipment is provided ?
    Double lanyard with absorber
    All our equipment complies with current standards (EPI) and is regularly checked by us.


  • What should I bring ?
    Closed shoes (sneackers or hiking shoes)
    A small backpack for 2
    Water (1 bottle of 1.5L for 2 people)
    A cord if you wear glasses
    Cereal bars
    An elastic for attaching long hair

What should I know about climbing ?

What are the different types of climbing outings ?
In cliffs, we usually offer half-day or full day excursions.
Indoors, we offer individual lessons of climbing of 1h30 or more.
On big walls, we offer day-trips.
From what age can we practice climbing ?
From 5 years old on adapted sites, indoors or in cliff initiation.

Am I insured for all these activities ?


For all activities, each instructor is covered by a professional liability insurance (RC Pro) guaranteeing material, immaterial or physical damage caused to third parties due to errors, faults or negligence (see our General Conditions of Sale ).

For the Climbing, Canyoning, Via-Ferrata and Via-Corda activities, © GECCO AVENTURE has taken out an Individual Accident Client (IAC) insurance guaranteeing its clients to be covered when they injure a third party or are injured without third parties responsible.
To be covered by insurance (RC Pro and IAC) it is necessary to have paid before the activity.

Is there a transport planned to get to the activities ?

No, but depending on the origin of the people in a group, it is often possible to organize car-sharing.

The cancellation policy ?

From ©GECCO Aventure

© GECCO AVENTURE and its instructors / guides reserve the right to modify or cancel a service for safety reasons (meteorological conditions, floods, conditions or inaptitude of the participants) or any case of major force. Replacement benefits will be provided without any of the participants being entitled to any compensation. In case of cancellation, participants will be offered a different date or will be fully reimbursed.
The instructors or guides are the ONLY  ONES who can cancel a prestation.

From participants
In the case of cancellation by participants less than 24 hours before departure, no reimbursement will be possible, except on presentation of a medical certificate or of a document proving the impossibility of going to the activity (reimbursement only applies to the person named in that certificate, except for the minor participants under his/her responsibility).
In case of cancellation between 24 and 48 hours before the service, the deposit or the deposits will not be refunded (see our General Conditions of Sale)

Wonderbox : instructions ?

To use a Wonderbox coupon, simply send us an email or call us to comunicate your coupon number. Then, you must