Canyoning (or Canyon) is THE outside activity you cannot miss !

Ludic, playful and refreshing, the canyoning offers strong sentations, magical landscapes and special moments.

Jumping, slipping, upsailing, this is what is expecting you for this unusual activity.

Open to everyone since 8 years old, you can practice it for half of a day or all day long.

There is a softer version : the aquatic hiking, open for children from 6 years old !

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Between climbing and hiking, these vertigo paths will make you enjoy verticality pleasures, without any prior experience or climbing techniques required. A Via-Ferrata is a route along a rock face, where you will come across ladders, monkey bridges, footbridges or ziplines.
During half a day, in Ardèche or in Grenoble’s region, our instructors and guides will escort you and making you discover their region with originality, while ensuring a maximum level of safety

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Not much known, between hiking and climbing, Via-Corda or Via-Cordata is an outdoor activity where one progresses roped, following the aerial vires of a cliff. Easily accessible and with no need of climbing experience, Via-Corda allows access to places and unusual overlooking views.
Less equipped than Via-Ferrata, physically easier than climbing, the Via-Corda is a vertigo walk where one takes the time to enjoy the landscape and the environment surrounding us.

Find our courses in Ardeche or Isère.

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Come and discover the taste of verticality pleasure through different facets climbing has to offer

From 5 years old, you are welcome in Ardèche and in Isère.

Indoors, in cliffs, on big walls or on adventure grounds, for half-day, full-day, the time of an internship or a travel.

Nearby or upsidedown the earth, for a first time or to improve yourself

Thanks to their diverse experiences, our instructors will be able to advise you and meet your expectations while passing on their passion for this activity.

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Cave exploration will make you discover the wonders of the dark side of the Ardèche, passing on the other side of the mirror.
In the subterranean worlds, the playful passages are linked but are not alike; Abseiling, Egyptian passages, mailbox, underground river, …
Caving is undoubtedly the most authentic wilderness activity. During your descent into the abyss, it will enable you to discover an extraordinary world apart. This activity can be practiced, in Ardèche, from 3 years old.

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Framed by our High Mountain Guides, we offer you different mountaineering races in the Alps.

You can find classic races such as Le Mont Blanc, Le Mont Aiguille, … but also more exclusive races such as the Traversée de la Meije, the Grand Pic de Belledonne or the Dent du Géant.

We offer Mountaineering all year round, with rocky, glacial or mixed races

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Ice climbing is an activity combining the pleasures of mountaineering and climbing. Come and play in the magical world of these ephemeral sculptures created by the cold of winter.

Our High Mountain Guides offer you different levels, from initiation to perfection, going through outdoorings or internships to bring you autonomy, while making your safety a priority.

We will guide you on all the facets of this winter activity, on the Cascade de Glace or the Goulotte.

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Discover wild places, learn how to use a DVA, read the snowpack and ski techniques off the trail.

We offer, for example, off-piste skiing at L’Alpe d’Huez, such as the Grand Sablat glacier, the Meije Valleys, the Freeride paradise at the foot of the Meije or the Vallée Blanche in Chamonix, overlooking the Mont Blanc.

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Who are we ?

Gecco, a strong professional team !

Gecco Aventure is a team built by friends and passionated, all professionals and State Degreeed, mountain and outside sports specialists, animated by the willing of sharing through our activities the most beautiful landscapes of Lozère, Vercors, Chartreuse, the Bauges and the Alps

High mobility ! Our team moves to make you discover the best spots, adapted to your activities around Joyeuse, Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, Les Vans and Villefort but also Grenoble, Lyon, Chambéry, Annecy and Chamonix !

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You can join us every day, throughout the year, from 10 am to 8 pm.